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Our Strategy

Management Strategy

The 21st century is called an Age of Creation and Imagination. In this era, continued growth and new opportunities are only guaranteed for enterprises capable of delivering on the needs of the customer and creating value. Yandani Farms has developed a Management strategy to always;

  • Improve Intrinsic and Potential Project Value
  • Maximize customer/employee/company values
  • Maximize efficiency of management resources through rapid management
  • Nurture Personnel, strengthen internal structures, establish R&D and strengthen the sales force whilst improving productivity.

Enhancing Corporate Culture

As a Company, we have dedicated resources to enhance the Corporate Culture of the Company, by adopting basic principles which encourage staff to take pride in their work and to always follow company rules (generosity, fairness, transparency) We believe these ideals will make a significant contribution towards the development of our staff and promote people-based communication.

Nurturing our New Vision

As a Company we are aware we can only discover future growth through embracing change, innovation, and creativity. Management continuously promotes the Company Vision as a powerful driving force for all employees, by keeping staff informed on company activities and long term plans of the company.

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