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Our Services

Animal Farming

Factors of considerable economic importance in any animal production system are influenced by the reproductive performance of breeding and the length of time taken by growing animals to reach slaughter weight. In semi-arid areas such as South Africa, with variable summer rainfall and a prolonged winter dry season, nutritional deficiencies in the natural pasture limit both reproductive performance and liveweight gain. At Yandani Farms we have developed and invested in considerable resources to modernise our production line and to increase efficiency.


Yandani Farms are also involved in the poultry sector. They produce chicken and chicken eggs for the mainly for the retail sector. Through our training programs, we have managed to engage communities around our production facilities to provide labour. Over and above the remuneration they receive, they are trained on skills which they can utilise to start they own small poultry farming. Despite the many challenges in this sector, Yandani Farms has made considerable inroads to grow the business and expand the client base.


The Yandani Farms Piggery is a medium sized operation established to run a piggery farm producing Pork and related produce for retail grocers. To manage our piggery effectively, we have considered the piggery's production and performance, identified ways to improve our herd, provided our herd with suitable housing, managed our herd's feeding and monitoring all environmental issues. Having the piggery business within our portfolio has also contributed handsomely towards diversification of our product offering. There is also synergy amongst the different farming businesses.

Crop Production

South Africa like many developing countries faces considerable challenges in producing enough crops to meet the demands of consumers. In many instances grain and maize have to be imported to supplement local supply. At Yandani Farms we have a portfolio of business that are involved the cultivation of basic crops such as maize, wheat and grain. We believe as a company we can play a major role by contributing towards enabling the country to be self sufficient and food secure. This we can achieve by increasing our production and training new farmers to grow the sector at large.

Vegetable Farming

Closely related to our crop farming (mainly maize and grain) is our fresh produce business. We cultivate and produce a large selection of vegetable including spinach, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions tomatoes. We have specialises equipment which is used to cultivate and harvest the vegetables we grow. We are currently engaged in partnership with the Government to extend our training programs on farming to more communities. We believe that with the right training, many previously disadvantage communities can be assisted to get involved in farming especially vegetables. This can go along way to reduce poverty by providing much needed employment.


Traditionally fish supplies consisted of fish caught out on sea and major rivers. Over the years supply of fish has become constrained due to dwindling numbers of fish because of over fishing. Yandani Farms has identified opportunities in this area of farming and they have made started fish farms to grow fish in a manner that is sustainable and conducive to South African conditions. They company is producing a variety of fish for the hospitality and retail market.

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