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Our Services

Facilities Management

Yandani Consulting’s integrated facility management professionals proactively measure and manage the performance of your buildings. We maximize the efficiency of your real estate staff, optimize your spend through strategic sourcing and reduce energy costs by lowering consumption. We strategically evaluate, engage and manage suppliers. Thanks to strong relationships and buying power, we secure high-quality services at competitive prices.

Soft Services

Winning solutions are provided by deriving an all-embracing, performance-based, riskmanaged maintenance strategy through optimised logistics. Yandani Consulting provides optimal one-stop maintenance solution, tailored to suit needs of the client. The firm offers a range of Soft Services by combining a high level of experience with flexibility to offer total solutions of which the range includes

  • Cleaning Services
  • Landscaping
  • Security Services
  • Sanitary Services
  • Gardening and irrigation services
  • Catering services
  • Waste management
  • Pest Control
  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Handyman services
  • Parking Management services
  • Fleet Management
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Painting & Roof Repair services

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of every Organisation employee’s forms part of the fundamental principle that underpin the values of that Company. As Companies become successful and experience exponential growth, it will become critical that all health and safety policies compliment plans and objectives set out by Management. As in most companies, the social responsibility goes hand in hand with the health and safety their staff.

Procurement Management

Procurement management is the process companies use to purchase economic resources and business input from suppliers or vendors. This process helps companies negotiate prices and get the best quality resources for production processes. Smaller businesses do not usually have a department dedicated to procurement since they have much smaller business operations. Usually, small business owners or entrepreneurs are responsible for working with vendors and suppliers to obtain the necessary goods for business operations.

Renewable Energy

Yandani Consulting provides unique and solutions driven service in the renewable energy sector. Due to the nature of our farming business, we have incorporated services to harness Landfill gas, Biogas and Biomass. The use of landfill gas as energy source for sustainable energy systems is growing internationally, and the natural resource and the technology is readily available. In South Africa.

Project & Program Management

Yandani Consulting offers a range of project and program management services that ensure that projects remain on course and on schedule. Yandani Consulting personnel have been trained to provide clients with professional and dedicated assistance throughout the project and to ensure completion on time and within budget.

Strategic Alliances

Recognising the fact that we operate in a global village and in an ever changing and dynamic built environment, Yandani Consulting has adopted a strategy to ensure strategic alliances and partnerships with reputable local Companies of excellent reputation in the built environment sector. This ensures transfer of skill to local resources to ensure stability and local support on larger projects.

Civil & Structural Engineering

The firm offers a range of Civil & Structural Engineering Services, combining a high level of experience with flexibility to offer total solutions. The range of Civil and Structural works includes;

  • Pavement Engineering and Materials
  • Sewer Reticulation
  • Bridges
  • Roads & storm-water
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Hostel redevelopment

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