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Private Public Partnerships

On-going changes in the growth and development of the Company are geared to ensure that we take maximum advantage of opportunities in the market place. We have seen a definite shift in industry trends with a move away from traditional public sector work towards Private Public Partnerships (PPPs). This comes about as a realization that governments worldwide can no longer be expected to carry the burden of infrastructure development alone given the many competing socio-political priorities. As a Company we have realised this and we in a position to participate in PPP opportunities.


Our most valuable asset at Yandani Consulting is our staff. They form the life blood and backbone of our operations. As a truly South African Company, we support and drive transformation. We are proud of our staff, 98% are historically disadvantaged individuals.

Health & Safety

Due to the inherent environmental hazards within Yandani Consulting operates, emphasis is placed on health and safety processes to ensure a safer workplace for our staff.

Training & Education

Yandani Consulting has set-up a special education fund for employees. The fund will finance previously disadvantaged individuals working for the company to embark onfurther training to up skill and enhance their productivity.

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